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When renowned San Francisco design agency Astro Studios called Uneka to help them design and manufacture a line of packaging for their new line of gaming audio gear, we jumped at the chance. From interesting opening options and dramatic graphic treatments to some of the most challenging elements to manufacture, we got to truly push the limits with these packages.

Engineering a dramatic experience.

Bringing our packaging design expertise to gaming products created by the industrial designers at Astro was an incredible experience. Across all of the designs we used a rigid box construction with a twist — an unusual opening experience. This ranged from diagonally hinged boxes to triptych door reveals. The paper-wrapped rigid box exteriors and interiors featured cool, intricate graphics that fit the Astro Gaming line and required flawless execution in manufacturing. Elegant details like magnet closures and ribbon pull-tabs gave all of the packages the distinctively high-end, engaging feel that Astro was going for.