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Nexus Q

Nexus Q


For the Nexus Q social streaming media player, Google wanted a super-premium experience right from the start. As the first player of its kind, the packaging needed to match the innovative product inside.

Simple, sleek and super green.

To achieve the premium experience that Google wanted, we went back to basics. We used Neenah Paper’s Epic Black as the key material in the two-piece, rigid box design and duplex-mounted this paper with a matte pewter paper to create an elegant exterior sleeve. With magnets invisibly holding the lid and base together, and a two-tone black foil-stamped logo that stands out without overpowering, the package feels secure and sleek.

Creating a green package was a critical consideration for Google. We used TFSC-certified and 100% green and post-consumer certified paper. To take it one step further, the interior elements securing the product are constructed from molded bagasse, a plant fiber, making it 100% green and even compostable. With the Nexus Q, we struck the perfect balance between aspirational feel and environmental friendliness.


Graphic and Packaging Design: Manual
Engineering and Manufacturing: UNEKA