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Nixon Packaging Line


After seeing the great things happening with the Stylus and the TPS pacakage, Nixon wanted to expand its efforts to give the entire product family an updated unboxing experience. Using the same wrapped box concept to display the Nixon brand, the packages for its other headphone and ear bud products now all feel like part of the family.

A smart, stylish family.

The remaining audio products draw upon the distinctive interior paper-wrapped tray design developed for the TPS. One of the most critical components was ensuring that the Nixon-branded graphics appear through the window, which was what made using paper so important.

Inside these packages, a sturdy, foam-backed graphic card or paper covered tray works triple time as the structural element that hold the product securely in place, the stylish cover that keeps cords discreetly out of sight, and the window into the branded Nixon experience. Across the entire line, we were able to eliminate the unboxing annoyance of twist ties and still keep the product securely in place using strategically placed foam or paper scaffolds.

With the same side panel wrapping and opening experience as their predecessors, these pieces feel like family, but with their own
individual style.

Nixon Packaging