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Google Chromebook Pixle



Simple, yet sophisticated. That was our mantra when designing the package for the Google Pixel, the first laptop manufactured by Google. The clean design of this package clearly lets the laptop be the star and supports the simplicity of the Google experience.

An out-of-the-box experience.

Giving buyers the immediate opportunity to see more of the Google Pixel Chromebook, right when the box is opened was a priority for our designers. The package needed to be simple in appearance and backed by high-tech details. Hiding the protection in the lid makes the laptop appear easy and accessible right from the start. And all of the accessories are kept safely out of sight, right under the laptop tray.

The plain white box with a simple Google logo is easy on the eyes, while the four-color light bar on the opening panel makes it feel uniquely Google. And because all the trays and the box are recyclable, it perfectly fits the Google brand in form and function.

Google Chromebook Pixle
Google Chromebook Pixle