Stylus Nixon

Nixon Stylus



For the newest product in Nixon’s growing audio line, the company wanted a fresh feeling package to capture on-the-shelf attention and align with its brand aesthetic. Uneka developed the Stylus package to showcase the product and deliver a branded unboxing experience.

Cool design and the start of a system.

In addition to wanting great looking packaging for their Stylus product, Nixon also wanted to use this development exercise as a jumpstart for updating all of its product packaging.

The solution was simple. The interior panels of the Stylus package are a door to the world of Nixon with their photo collage treatment and immediate access to the headphones. When the user pulls the headphones out, they surround a pillar that houses the accessories and that can be used as a stand for the headphones to kick it on their desk when they hit the pause button.

By literally designing the Stylus package from the inside out, we created a powerfully cool unboxing experience with ongoing impact.

Nixon Stylus
Nixon Stylus