The Party Speaker Nixon

Nixon TPS

The Party Speaker


With the Stylus packaging as a model for the family of products, Nixon looked to revamp the TPS Special Edition. Using the same opening experience and familiar form factor, Nixon wanted the TPS to stand out on its own merit, while still feeling like part of the family.

Second in line and first in style.

The TPS box is a unique addition to the Nixon line because it holds The Party Speaker—a very cool, rectangular Bluetooth speaker—rather than headphones. To create a family feel, the white exterior box is the same height as the Stylus products and uses the interconnected side doors to display imagery and messaging when opened. This signature element of the Nixon opening experience reinforces brand value and builds connection.

Inside the box, two custom-molded, plastic trays glued to the paper insert wrap all the way around the speaker, securely holding it in place for optimal protection. When the panels are opened, the consumer gets a peek into Nixon and a quick glance at the speaker itself. It’s a simple yet smart design that builds excitement and branded anticipation.

Nixon TPS
Nixon TPS