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For the FitBit products, we needed a package that was as simple and small as the devices themselves. As a product family, we wanted the FitBit Zip and FitBit One packages to feel aligned, while letting the distinctive elements of each product stand out.

Big impact in a small package.

By using a clear, easily recyclable PET box, these packages show off the FitBit devices and giving consumers a great sense of how small they really are and how easily it can fit into their life. The FitBit is held in place by a clear, injection-molded polycarbonate clip that makes it appear like it’s floating. When the consumer opens the box, a door at the bottom of the package lifts to reveal the Quick-start Guide and the accessories that fit snugly in a thermo-formed plastic tray.

To differentiate the premium FitBit One product, Uneka made the package slightly larger and gave consumers an almost 360-degree view of the device. With this design, we’ve kept a consistent feel across the line, while conveying the additional value this product offers.

These packages offer the perfect fit for each product and the family feel FitBit felt was so important.

Fitbit Zip Packaging
Fitbit Packaging