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Nook HD+

Nook HD+

Barnes and Noble

The package Uneka developed for the NOOK HD+ does more than simply protect and transport – it showcases. This groundbreaking design literally elevates the product as the consumer opens the box to create a real-world HD experience and an immediate “wow” feeling even before they turn it on.

Stand out, fit in, interact, and protect.

This elegantly simple hinged rigid box with a creatively engineered molded-pulp insert also provides outstanding, yet unobtrusive protection for the tablet. The all-paper solution is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective, while complementing the high-end nature of the device. With this design, we created motion without mechanics and made what seemed an impossible task both possible and beautiful.

Design recognition:

Our Barnes and Noble Package Design was a finalist in the universally recognized IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Awards.

Nook HD+