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When this savvy, sophisticated personal grooming system decided to move from online-only into the retail environment, we were tasked with creating a cohesive, elegant presentation for each component.

A system of sophistication

Bevel broke new ground by offering stylish shaving products designed to specifically address the issues that many men ran into during their daily shaving ritual. When expanded their sales channels to market individual components in the retail environment, we helped them extend the elegance of the original all-in-one system into individual packaging with bold shelf appeal.

And the experience doesn’t end when the box goes in your cart—the unboxing is equally elegant, featuring premium, telescoping boxes befitting their premium razor and brush, and simple, satisfying paper trays for the creams and balms. Simplicity meets masculine sophistication for an audience that is ready for some tailored attention.

Strong lines, smooth design
Strong lines, smooth design