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The complete package



To get traction in the already crowded fitness wearables market, the UA HealthBox from Under Armour and HTC needed to make a splash. So did the packaging.

The complete package

When sports apparel giant Under Armour and smart phone maker HTC decided to enter the fitness wearable market, they shook things up by offering not a single device, but a connected fitness system consisting of a fitness band, smart scale, and heart rate monitor – together creating UA HealthBox. It was a bold move that demanded a bold package, so they came to Uneka to develop the structural elements, and manufacturing processes, required to execute on this in-house design concept.

The experience starts with an impressive magnetic double-door reveal. Once open, the user is guided, step-by-step, left to right, through the process of interacting with the products. The dominant artwork and subtle detailing such as soft touch coatings and vibrant foil stamps reinforce the convergence of tactile apparel and high-tech electronics. The structural protective polystyrene trays elegantly cover a corrugate cushion system that holds the heavy-duty glass faced scale safely in place throughout transit. Clear covers present and protect the wristband and heart-rate monitor showcasing the system that is spearheading the next evolution in fitness and health monitoring.


Design concept and artwork – HTC and UA in-house teams (UA: Brian Boring, VP Creative; Helene Christman, Project Manager; Carl Nielson, Art Director)
(HTC: Luane Rowe, Project Manager; Tim Kennedy, Communications Art Director)

Engineering and Manufacturing – Uneka Concepts, Inc.

The complete package
The complete package