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At Uneka, we pride ourselves on being an Industrial Design firm that specializes in packaging. Building on this solid foundation, we can design any type of packaging using virtually any material. Whether you’re looking for custom boxes (rigid boxes, folding cartons, corrugated, or PET boxes) molded pulp, injection molded and thermoform plastics, we can make it happen and make it look great.

By combining the worlds of great design and flawless implementation, we insure the development of packaging that has great retail shelf presence, consumer interaction, as well as providing effective protection for the products. We can efficiently manufacture and supply superior packaging in any location worldwide.

Our first priority is an outstanding out-of-box experience for your customer. We design with manufacturing in mind at the outset of the project, at the same time, we can optimize efficiencies, integrate green practices, and ensure the best material yield, lowest possible defect rate, and repeatable ease of assembly. We work in ProE and Solidworks to validate and confirm that you get the tool and manufacturing-ready files you need to get you into
production immediately.


Our manufacturing capabilities complement and strengthen our design and engineering services. We manufacture both in the US and multiple regions in China, including Shanghai, Suzhou, and Shenzhen/Dongguan. By seeing our designs through the tooling process, manufacturing, sub-assembly, and all logistics until delivery to your contract manufacturer or distribution center, we can offer additional efficiencies that help you optimize production.

The Uneka team also conducts ongoing R&D on materials and manufacturing make methods. We enjoy pioneering new approaches, whether it’s a hybrid material or a new manufacturing approach. When it comes to packaging manufacturing, we make even the toughest challenges look effortless.