Pax Labs
Custom Era Pods

Packaging Solution for Cannabis Brands

Pax Labs was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating responsible, enjoyable, and personalized experiences for cannabis. After completing some conceptual work with Branch design agency, Pax decided to officially partner with Uneka to offer customizable, compliant packaging for cannabis growers nationwide.

The Era Pod packaging was designed as a family of components, that could be purchased individually or together. Components include: Card, Card Label, Puck, Puck Label, Tamper Seal Sticker, Jig and POP Display. Upon receiving the fictional concepts, the Uneka team focused on creating a child-proof design and preparing the structure for manufacturing. The puck design was inspired from a medicine bottle – requiring the user to vertically align two arrows, then, lift the lid off of the container. In addition to the locking mechanism, a holographic tamper seal is adhered horizontally over the seam.

The Card Label and Puck Label are comprised of an adhesive BOPP material, that can be adhered to a 48pt SBS Card or Puck. All 3 items are customizable components that will graphically align with the growers’ brand and look great in a dispensary retail setting.

The Pax Era vaporizer can be used with a huge variety of pre-filled oil cartridges. This packaging solution ensures business scalability and consistently branded assets for Pax and their grower network.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
  • Engineering & Manufacturing