Smart Home Surveillance System
Deep Sentinel

Security into Reality

Deep Sentinel is an emerging start-up building an intelligent crime prediction system that provides security in our homes. The packaging system needed to hold cameras, speakers, a yard sign, documentation, mounts, tools, accessories and the hub; so the experience became a sequential walk-through intended to guide the user through set up.

The outer box is a corrugated material, that has been litho-laminated and treated with a Spot UV to create an intense pop of color. Additionally, the outer box is dual-function—beautifully designed with asymmetrical graphics and ready to ship as is. Open the box to find a weatherproof and scratch-resistant yard sign, that snaps directly into polystyrene tray adhered to the lid. Informational cards labeled Sight, Sounds, and Smarts selectively reveal product components and re-iterate features and benefits. Product components comfortably fit base tray, and small corrugate boxes store Connect and Install setup tools.

In a collaborative spirit, Uneka and Deep Sentinel joined forces to design a packaging system that would make a memorable first impression.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Chris McKleroy, Design User Experience Lead at Deep Sentinel
  • Engineering & Manufacturing