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We are an industrial and visual design group specializing in packaging and manufacturing.

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At a glance, we might look small… but we are mighty. Our team consists of individuals that have demonstrated an expert understanding in packaging realm. We are proud to host an environment that not only attracts amazing people but amplifies their abilities and helps them do their best work. Our office is located in heart of downtown Pleasanton. Within blocks, employees can grab coffee from Starbucks, dine out at one of the many restaurants, or enjoy happy hour cocktails and local beer on tap. The team favorite is Beer Baron… conveniently located downstairs from our office.

Adam Richardson

Adam’s first exposure to Uneka was in 2000, when he helped co-found the company and served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In 2012, he became the President and CEO. Adam’s understanding of global logistics and manufacturing systems allows Uneka to quickly solve for their client requests, design and engineering problems that arise. With his leadership, Uneka is recognized as an award winning Packaging Design agency, specializing in structural design, visual design, and manufacturing.

Chris Palmer
Chief Creative Officer

Chris is the Chief Creative Officer, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Uneka. He has had a long career of product and packaging design. Chris has built an award-winning design and engineering team. With over 25 years of design for manufacturing experience. Chris helps guide the team and collaborates closely with all teams at the client level.

Peter Caropelo
Creative Director

Peter is a results-oriented leader with degrees in Engineering and Graphic Design. He exhibits original thinking, strategy, and targeted visual communications that delivers clear results. His extensive experiences include working on brands such as Marc Jacobs, Ole Henriksen, The Discovery Channel, Silicon Graphics, Pepsi, and Quaker Oats.

Daniel Gamez
Lead Industrial Designer

Originally from Mexico, Daniel graduated with a BA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University. Before arriving to San Francisco, Daniel had the opportunity to study in Argentina and Barcelona. Daniel excels in unique ideation and problem-solving abilities when it comes to executing designs for manufacturing.

Jooeun Jung
Industrial Designer

Jooeun was born in South Korea and started her career as an Industrial Designer with an internship at the Design Continuum. With a passion and curiosity for a broader world of design, she moved to New York in 2007 and started working for consumer beauty company, Kiss Products. In 2014, Jooeun and her family moved to the Bay Area desiring a better life and environment to raise her kids. Jooeun has worked with brands such as P&G, KRAFT, Gillette, Pantene, Tide, Pampers, Crystal Light, and Clorox.

Lyle Livingston-Guanzon
Industrial Designer

After earning a BFA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University, Lyle served as a designer at Smart Design and tech startups Henge Docks, and Sensel before joining Uneka. Lyle’s quality rendering, precision prototyping and understanding of manufacturing processes are indispensable to the Uneka team and our clients.

Rachel Smith
Senior Graphic Designer

Rachel is a multimedia designer with a BA in Communication Design from California State University, Chico. She brings 8 years of design and marketing experience and exposure in the entertainment, sporting goods, and cybersecurity industry. Rachel thrives in problem-solving situations and aspires to produce original, one-of-a-kind projects.

Erica Luzaich
Graphic Designer

Erica graduated from Academy of Art University with a BFA in Graphic Design and Digital Media. She served as a designer at Purple Line Media and global corporation, Old Navy creating digital assets and packaging designs. Erica has a strong love for typography and is passionate about all forms of packaging. She may be the youngest on the team, but don’t let that fool you!

Austin Richardson
Account Manager

Austin started his career in San Francisco as an Industrial Designer at Mattel designing for Fisher-Price. He worked on product design, branding, marketing, and packaging across multiple products. This gave him a view into different sides of the business in product development. With curiosity and the want to expand his knowledge, he jumped over to other side and joined the Uneka team as an Account Manager. With his design background, he loves working to help brands make their beautiful packaging come to life and on shelf.

Christopher Tom
Account Manager

Christopher is an Account Manager with a B.S Industrial Technology and Packaging, with a Packaging Minor, from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. His experience ranges from packaging dynamics testing to advanced packaging materials R&D. Christopher served as a Project Management intern at Uneka and was excited to join the team upon graduation. Passionate about the packaging industry, Christopher also serves on the Cal Poly Packaging Advisory Board.

Tracy Donlin
Project Manager

A Chico State Graduate, Tracy has 10 plus years experience working in the fast paced supply chain of luxury beauty brands. Spending the last three years as a project manager, she enjoys providing the path to lead her customers to the best possible packaging considering budget, timing and the perfect design.

Kho Chiah Sek
General Manager - China Team

Kho has been in the packaging field since 1993 working with Japanese, American and Singapore Packaging manufacturing companies. Kho speaks fluent English, Mandarin and four Chinese Dialects. With a mechanical engineering background, he oversees supply chain management, taxation and quality control as well as manages the Uneka China team.

Ivy Lee
Project Manager – China Team

Candy Tan
Project Manager – China Team

Candy has been working in the packaging industry since graduating from college and joining Uneka in 2013. She helps facilitate projects and communicates with clients in the US as well as Chinese factories to provide packaging cost calculation and on-going cost reductions. She helps to manage import and export logistics and is able and willing to pitch in with a variety of other tasks that arise on a daily basis.

Susan Wang
Project Manager – China Team

Arfon Wang
Project Manager – China Team

Rex Xu
Project Manager – China Team

Rex has a bachelors degree in electronic engineering and now has eight years of experience working as a sourcing & procurement specialist in packaging related areas for several different companies. Rex loves to play board games with friends, enjoy the outdoors and travel. He is a recognized foodie by friends and an avid basketball fan.

Helen Zhan
Project Manager – China Team

Helen has been working in packaging industry for about 8 years since graduating from college with a bachelors degree in Business English. She handles multiple accounts for Uneka in East China and ensures that production goes smoothly. At work, Helen is reliable and responsible team member with an aggressive working attitude and strong communication skills.

Xiaoming Liu
Quality Control Manager – China Team

Xiaoming graduated from Wuhan University in China with a bachelors degree in Printing Engineering. He has been working in the printing and packaging industry for over 10 years. He excels at risk assessment and tailoring solutions to avoid issues before mass production, effectively saving time and cost for the customer, the supplier and our company.