Crafting Innovation

One of the primary requirements for the Kindle package was to be as green as possible. That meant designing a box that created minimal waste. It started by combining two functions into a single solution — the product box and the shipper. Our Kindle box design used corrugated kraft, an adhesive front flap, and a pull-strip on the bottom for easy opening and multi-function efficiency.

Inside, we turned to natural materials to enhance recyclability. The molded bagasse-pulp tray cradled the Kindle during transport. As one of the first consumer electronics packages to incorporate molded pulp in a high-end, aesthetically pleasing internal package construction, this design set the stage for more products to choose natural materials. In fact, we pioneered making pulp beautiful and bringing it to the market as a premium packaging solution.

When it comes to frustration-free packaging, Amazon is taking the lead in giving consumers what they want. Uneka helped develop the design for one of the original Kindle devices and those design customer-centric design innovations continue today.


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