Sleek, Unique, & Functional

Anki Drive takes the remote control game experience to a new level of interactivity. The packaging needed to embody that excitement and house all the product elements; cars, accessories, and a 100” x 43” racetrack.

The result was one of the largest rigid boxes the Uneka team has ever made, with sleek perspective lines and beveled edges evoking speed outside and in. The large box format is an instantaneous focal element in the retail environment. Inside the circuit-printed vinyl mat is wound around a spindle, with injection-molded end caps to hold it in place. And the custom tooled plastic trays display all the pieces upon opening for easy assembly and an unboxing experience as exciting and appealing as the game itself.

This package’s sleek, angular design evokes the speed and intensity of the trend-setting artificial intelligent, remote controlled game it houses. It combines exceptional shelf appeal, a powerful reveal on opening, and a functional storage case for sustained usage after unboxing.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
  • Engineering & Manufacturing