Training System

Smart Packaging for Smart Apparel

Athos smart fitness apparel reveals real-time physiological data with surface EMG technology, helping wearers get more out every workout, and every exercise. Uneka designed the Athos packaging using bespoke details, bold graphics, and carefully placed messaging that invites the user to, “Look within.”

The sleek, matte black shipper lifts open for a two-part reveal: a compact, hinged gift box houses the “core,” the true brains of the operation. A soft-touch premium pouch holds the apparel. The core connects magnetically to its charger, which sits below to create a natural, functional securing mechanism in the packaging. Lifting the device housing reveals the smooth, matte black pouch, foil stamped with the white Athos logo for elegantly branded impact. It’s packaging as cutting edge as Athos apparel.

Dramatically revealing what’s within is at the heart of the Athos smart apparel experience — and the essence of the package design. It’s bold, simple, standout packaging for a singular product.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
  • Engineering & Manufacturing