NOOK® Tablet & Accessories
Barnes & Noble

More Than Your Digital Bookshelf

The NOOK® Tablet is an e-reader and media player offered by Barnes & Noble. Uneka was tasked with designing a packaging system that’s aligned with the pre-existing brand guidelines and seamlessly extended into the NOOK® accessory products.

The NOOK® Tablet incorporates a hinged rigid box that literally elevates the product when opening the lid. The opening motion is simple, while feeling simultaneously premium. The inside of the box includes custom, molded pulp inserts that are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and protect the tablet.

Uneka designed and manufactured every touch point of the NOOK® packaging, resulting in a consistent, and branded user experience.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Barnes & Noble
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Recognition
    Industrial Design Excellence Awards 2013 Finalist