Way Beyond The Everyday Watch

Inside cross-over package is a watch that does more than tell time, it monitors body temp, perspiration, and records movement and pulse rate. The box is specifically designed to reflect the unique product that was inside. The shape and size say, “Watch box,” while the graphics and outer box claim, “Consumer electronic.” A die-cut image of a heart allows you to see a printed heart on the outside, as a reminder of what this groundbreaking product is really about.

The bold energy of the packaging continues inside with a molded pulp tray that gives you a look at the watch display the moment you open the box. And the outer sleeve can come in different colors, to match the color of the watch inside.

The Basis Health and Heartrate Monitor box combines the best of two different packaging worlds — watches and consumer electronics. With its unique telescoping design and considered die cuts, it immediately tells consumers that they’re looking at something new.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Basis
  • Engineering & Manufacturing