Essential Phone

Elegant & Thoughtful Details

Essential founder Andy Rubin has developed a sleek, new state-of-the-art phone made out of titanium. The packaging system needed to accommodate the product assortment of cameras, docks, phones, cases and other accessories.

Essential is all about first impressions, so our packaging needed to instantly convey the value and quality of the product inside. Sticking to a "simple is better" mantra, we used a premium matte black, Neenah uncoated paper. To hint at the contents of the box, we used subtle black foil with a silver foil outline stroke to mimic the edge-to-edge display of the phone. The flexibility of different color outline foils allowed us to scale the alternate skus without emblazoning a full color graphic across the box. In keeping with Essential's desire to minimize the use of graphics, we stamped a small, matte silver-foil company logo discreetly on the side of the box. Inside, the detail of a black molded pulp tray pays homage to Essential's circle-within-a-square logo.

Perfectly weighted, the end product has a substantial feel in hand. You instantly get that intangible sense of quality simply by holding it. We used a slide feature for the moment of truth—a double reveal with the phone cradled on one side, as if suspended in air, and the accessories neatly organized on the other.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Dave Evans, VP of Design at Essential
  • Engineering & Manufacturing