DNA Testing Kit

Improve Your (Packaging) Life

Helix is an established Silicon Valley company, specializing in population genomics and DNA testing. The company was seeking a package redesign – reducing the bulky size, compliant with shipping standards, cost conscious, and aligned with operational goals.

The deliverable resulted in 4 SBS folding carton sleeves, universal corrugated base, self-assembled corrugated mailing box, quick start guide, and 40+ product cards. The sleeves were designed to be customizable, while maintaining synchronous placement of Helix brand elements and seamlessly paired with universal base and folding carton sleeves included a window feature on the backside, enabling test tube scanning in the operations environment. Finishes included solo touch, matte lamination, and spot UV.

The operational requirements felt continual, but we ultimately designed and produced a box that checked all of their boxes – pricing materials, logistics, and quality.

Rachelle Advincula


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Helix
  • Engineering & Manufacturing