Unbox Intelligent

With the Keen smart vent, users can open or close individual vents in their house from the convenience of their smart phone. It’s the ultimate intelligence, efficiency, and simplicity for the connected home. Uneka created packaging with exactly those same qualities for every size smart vent.

We used the apex of the teal green triangle evoking the Keen logo to guide the consumer through the opening process. By building in a practical set of cutouts – one to remove the top of the box and one to remove the vent itself (instead of a more standard finger scoop design) — we made the opening intuitive. The Quick Start Guide is neatly displayed underneath, and below in a molded area that also conveniently holds the screws in place. This multi-purpose pulp structure protects the Keen in transit while also achieving the company’s eco-friendly packaging objectives.

Elegantly blending function with branded appeal, this packaging showcases the first smart vent, one more option for the modern connected home.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Keen
  • Engineering & Manufacturing