Smart Lock Access System

Industrial & Utilitarian Focus

Meet Latch. The world's most advanced smart-access system that's as beautiful as it is highly intelligent. The Latch founders renowned for innovative work in multiple industries created a system that has the amazing ability to seamlessly manage every door in an apartment building, office suite and of course, in your own residence.

The main objective was to create packaging that works for both enterprises and consumers. Newly designed installation templates that are unique to the industry along with an excellent delivery of instructions offers a consumer-like experience to installers. The utilitarian and recyclable Kraft packaging proves painless and guilt-free for consumer interaction.

The Latch system nestles neatly into a tray made from all-natural, premium molded pulp, with a list of components in a clean, easy-to-read font to the right of the product. A non-woven material insert protects the contents from scratches, and a custom injection handle on the exterior of the box allows for easy transport, yet folds away as to not get snagged in shipping.

The end composition was a concerted effort between the Uneka and Latch teams. Every single detail was thoughtfully placed with purpose so that the end user had everything needed right at their fingertips.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Thomas Meyerhoffer, CDO at Latch // Ivan Almaral, Design Director at Latch
  • Engineering & Manufacturing