Home Security Camera

The Magic of a Reveal

Lighthouse is a contemporary company responsible for designing a smart home camera. They’ve gone beyond motion detection software. Lighthouse uses facial recognition software, knows the difference between pets and humans, and sends security alerts for actual movement from unauthorized people.

Uneka was focused on minimizing their existing packaging footprint and creating a dramatic unboxing experience. The final design incorporated PS trays with PET coating applied to prevent devices from scuffing, and cable from winding around the bottom PS tray. The exterior sleeve was produced with two spot colors, four color processes, spot UV gloss and matte lamination and depicts a life size image of the product. The reveal is striking, yet a secure solution for keeping the product looking pristine.

“Straight forward project from conception to mass production. We made noteworthy improvements along the way, but the quality craftsmanship stands out above all.”

Lyle Livingston, Designer


  • Structural Design & Engineering
  • Graphic & Packaging Design