Teeth Whitening Kit

Bold, Bright and Inviting

MiBrite is an innovative teeth-whitening solution using nano-grade technology. When your personal care product has such a technological advantage, your package needs to telegraph its advanced approach and really grab attention. At the same time, MiBrite uses only organic ingredients, making green packaging a must.

Every detail of this design is thoughtful and meaningful. The bright color-ways provide unique identifiers for different product components, while serving as a strong contrast for the vivid white that highlights the product’s primary benefit. Plus the convenient, molded carrying case makes the product highly portable and experiential. Best of all, it’s sustainable.

We drew inspiration from the high-tech industry, consumer products, and dentistry to create a product packaging system that engages consumers at first sight.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // MiBrite
  • Engineering & Manufacturing