Muzik One

Advanced Wireless Headphones

Muzik is carving a new niche in the listening market with its disruptive “One” headphones. Combining Bluetooth technology with programmable touch controls, this sleek, intuitive product allows users to instantly connect to social media and other networks without plugging in. The details make the package feel luxurious and tactile. Hints of foil accent each sleeve and each box creating a subtle, premium aesthetic. The blind emboss on the exterior echoes the device’s signature touch controls—a defining feature. A light-weight drawsting pouch and a pressure formed hard case are both included for portability and protection. The packaging opens to a frosted logo sheet, building anticipation while reinforcing the Muzik brand. The sheet then unveils the headphones, nestled against a matte black tray. Together, the product and package create a unified experience that comes full circle—and really sings.

Uneka engineered a highly branded unboxing experience that exudes cutting-edge innovation and sleek sophistication.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Ryan Narain, Creative Director at Muzik
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Recognition
    Pentawards 2nd Place 2017