Wine Bottles
Nine Suns

Striking Balance Through Striking Design

The Nine Suns Winery takes its name from an ancient Chinese legend about restoring balance. The rich, evocative story helped add deeper meaning to the product’s gift box design. More than a box, this package is a journey through the topography of both China and the vineyard itself, which is situated on steeply sloping hills in the Napa Valley.

By combining contoured layers of fluted corrugate to protect the heavy bottle, with meaningful coloration and die-cutting, the inner package evocatively depicts terraced farmlands at sunrise or sunset, while providing important functional benefits. The outer packaging is simple and elegant, reinforcing the brand story with the Nine Suns logo.

Using minimal graphics, functional design, and sustainable materials, the Nine Suns package both protects and tells a powerful story.


  • Graphic & Packaging Design
    Uneka // Nine Suns
  • Engineering & Manufacturing