CBD-Infused Skincare

The One & Only

The OAO brand is rooted in the belief that ingestible and topical CBD-enhanced products can play an important role in maintaining your skin’s overall health and wellness. Their target customer is women between the ages of 25-45, living an active lifestyle with an appreciation for a quality skincare routine. The package should feel trendy and fashionable, yet subtle and feminine.

The Uneka team provided a complete branding consultation – logo redesign, color palette, iconography, custom structural design, packaging layout and production ready files. The final packaging solution was a cylindrical tube exterior, made with rolled edge paper tube and assembled with inner foam for support, and a clear plastic tea box that securely fits ten pouches. The tubes were designed in varying sizes, each encapsulating a vac-metallized bottle with silk screened graphics. The packaging color scheme was an inverse design. The exterior incorporates matte rose gold foil and the interior bottle and tea bags match the product function. Within the pastel color palette the blue represents night time; yellow represents morning wellness; pink represents beauty; green represents stress relief and calming. Custom iconography was used to further depict product function and regulatory information.

"High-quality packaging with a feminine twist. The rose gold finishes perfectly compliments the brand, alongside the lovely pastel color palette."

Rachel Smith, Designer


  • Structural Design & Engineering
  • Graphic & Packaging Design