Slice Products

Producing the Slice Packaging Line

Ranging from a simple, PET or rigid box to a combo box/sleeve construction or folding cartons and die-cut foams, the Uneka team has created a system for Slice’s state-of-the-art cutting products that sets them apart. Our challenge was to integrate a core angled branding element into each package. For the rigid box, the corner is cut off showcasing the slice. The unique scissor box incorporates a white paper and die-cut cross-link foam interior with a clear PET sleeve that showcases the same sliced corner.

Branding is everything for this line. Across the line, we have cost-effectively integrated the branding into the structure to create an unmistakable opening experience.

When a new product line comes on the market ready to make its mark, Uneka looks at things from a different perspective to provide packaging advantage. For Slice, we have integrated their unique brand device into a variety of form factors to create a unified line and on-shelf presence.


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